MANIFESTO of the 57th Overlanders Brigade

The long and the short of it all is I want the 57th to be a corporation where people are PROUD to say they are a “Browncoat“.

A place they are able to contribute to something greater than themselves. 

To know they are part of a brotherhood and have people they can depend on, trust and are free to pursue their own objectives as well as those of the 57th.

– Capt Malcolm Reynoldz


What We Do:

  • Protect The Crew
  • Defend Our Home System & Our Friends
  • PVP
    • Solo PVP
    • Small Gang PVP
    • Fleet Warfare
  • PVE
    • Run Anomalies
    • Run Data / Relic Sites
    • Ratting
    • Planetary Interaction (PI)


What We DON’T Do:

  • Attack non-combat oriented pilots (Miners, Freighters, Mission Runners, Explorers, etc.) unless they are strategic targets in need of removal to defend/protect The Crew



The 57th has been many places and done many things.  We got our start in Faction Warfare where we retired from service to seek out life in Sov Null space.  I found us a home in Null and for a brief time served in CO2 where we fought in The Tribute War that culminated in the most historic event in the history of New Eden.  I will forever owe a debt to the great pilots of CO2 for welcoming us and teaching us.  But during that war I discovered that the Sov Null lifestyle was not one that I enjoyed.  Once the war was over The Crew and I packed up our things, said our goodbye’s to CO2 and even left one of our own behind with them.

Now we set our sights on a new adventure where everything we do is for us and us alone.

This isn’t about fame, glory on a distant battlefield, vast wealth or pulling the ultimate heist.   This is about finding freedom to live, work and play together.  This is about growing closer together as a team and daring to do what to some may seem foolish or impossible.  This is about knowing what we do day in and day out benefits us all and is easily measured and appreciated and that leaves us all with a sense of making a difference with our presence every time we undock.  This is about having each others back no matter what the cost.

This is about The Crew.

I know there will always be difficulties and challenges along the way and that there will always be a Corporation or Alliance somewhere who will want to come take what we have earned and might even have the advantage over us.  To that I can only echo:

Everyone always does.  That’s what makes us special.  – Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly)

It is my belief that everyone has the ability to contribute to the goals of the 57th regardless of skill level. Even a one day old pilot who grinds through the Military and Advanced Military career missions will be able to fly a Frigate with a point and throw a little damage in our enemies way.

The 57th will never be a large Corporation with hundreds of pilots.  I intend to keep us a small, tight-knit group and is why I always refer to those who I choose to fly in the 57th as “The Crew“.  Should you earn the right to be a Browncoat you will never be just another pilot in corp, on comms or in fleet.  You will be part of my Crew and to us . . . well, that means something special.

I like to keep things simple.

We focus on the tasks we have in front of us and deal with them as they come.  We work hard, play hard and know that we are forging the kind of brotherhood that only a Browncoat can understand.

The 57th Overlanders Brigade has a saying:

“When you can’t run, you crawl, and when you can’t crawl – when you can’t do that anymore . . . you find someone to carry you.”

Come see what it is really like when you fly with others who truly have your back and if needed – will carry you.

CEO Signature Plate_2015

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