Mal Misbehaves in ONNAMON

36389_Enyo_Intaki_SyndicateI have been roaming LowSec space and the lower edges of HighSec looking for DED sites to run for the past two days in a PvE fit ENYO. I had been having zero luck until I reached ONNAMON where I scanned down a 3/10 Guristas Guerilla Grounds site. I landed on the first gate and set my D-SCAN to 1AU and saw a Stratios on scan. I warped into the first room just in time to see him take gate 2. I burned to gate 2 and warped to the Second Room. The gate was ~40km away so I burned to it, and orbited at 500m while watching him kill the rats. He never even approached the gate and stayed 40km off. Once the last rat died, I warped to the third room. I again burned to the acceleration gate that was ~40km off and set my orbit to 500m.

Surely he won’t let me do this a second time and it will be a race to the Dread Guristas Irregular frigate for the loot……

stratiosI watched in amazement as he entered the third room and proceeded to kill off the rats. One by one I watched the overview as the rats disappeared……5 rats……..4 rats…….3 rats………..2 rats………….1 rat…………..Gorram it he did it again!

I warped into the last room with him still +20km from the gate. I quickly found the Dread Guristas Irregular and burned towards him – he was 48km off the warpin. By the time I reached him, the Stratios was in the room. By the time he was within 25km, the rat died . . . I looted the wreck . . . . and warped to my safe.

The conversation below soon followed in local.

[ 2017.07.03 16:16:50 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Onnamon
[ 2017.07.03 16:42:05 ] Darahk J’olonar > fcking noob
[ 2017.07.03 16:43:29 ] Darahk J’olonar > definetly going to be wardecing your azz
[ 2017.07.03 16:45:09 ] Diequietly STFU > i love reading highsec local tears
[ 2017.07.03 16:45:34 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > how can he wardec from the scope? lol
[ 2017.07.03 16:46:37 ] Diequietly STFU > looking at his board he would probably stay docked for his own war any ways.
[ 2017.07.03 16:47:15 ] Darahk J’olonar > lmao i just got back to the game and i have other 30m+ sp characters I use this one for hs exploration
[ 2017.07.03 16:47:47 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > mmmkay
[ 2017.07.03 16:51:16 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > I’m honestly quite shocked he let me steal that site. I mean, I loitered on 2 gates while he killed the rats so I could warp to the next room.
[ 2017.07.03 16:51:32 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > TWICE he did that. all while +40km from gate? in a Stratios?
[ 2017.07.03 16:53:37 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > Darahk J’olonar thanks for the loot….GL w/ that wardec situation.

I am glad that Darahk has come back to New Eden.  Not because I stole his loot for a quick payday.  I’m glad Darahk is back because the more people there are in space, the more stories we have to tell.  Good or bad – doesn’t matter.

I have plenty of my own stories like this where I was on the other side of it.  Just yesterday in fact when a pilot in a Gila took my Serpentis Vigil site from me.

[ 2017.07.02 18:19:06 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > hey
[ 2017.07.02 18:19:08 ] Brandon SlaneyTV > u doing combat sites ?
[ 2017.07.02 18:19:11 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > yes
[ 2017.07.02 18:19:28 ] Brandon SlaneyTV > how ya doing
[ 2017.07.02 18:19:34 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > fine…..
[ 2017.07.02 18:20:18 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > I’m guessin gyou are taking htis from me since I can’t take a Gila…right?
[ 2017.07.02 18:21:28 ] Brandon SlaneyTV > depends
[ 2017.07.02 18:21:39 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > on?
[ 2017.07.02 18:21:45 ] Brandon SlaneyTV > if u give it to me
[ 2017.07.02 18:22:17 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > I want it, but not going to lose my ship over it.
[ 2017.07.02 18:22:59 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > so go on, take it.

In my mind I choose believe that Vigilant BPC did drop for Brandon SlaneyTV.  Though, from a quick look at his zKillboard and all the Gila’s he has lost lately . . . I think he probably needed that drop more than me.  But more than just that – it makes my story a little bit better.

The stories and player interaction is what keeps me going in New Eden.  The stories and interactions we have are unique and will never take place again.  In a vast world of MMO’s – that is something rare, special and to be appreciated beyond anything else the gaming world has to offer.  We have a choice as to how and where we spend our time.  For those of us who call ourselves “Capluseer” we know all too well that  The Butterfly Effect is real.

But only for those who dare to be bold.

Fly Dangerous, Capsuleers!

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Take Me Out To The Black

The Summer is drawing to a close and Fall is rapidly approaching.  With that comes many things within New Eden, most importantly – pilots.  It is a long standing tradition in New Eden to take time off during the Summer to spend time with family and friends.  We get outside, stretch our legs and for a while enjoy being planet side on this biological ship we call Earth. But when the days grow shorter and the nights colder it marks the returning of Capsuleers from their leave of absence and back to the serious business at hand that is Internet Spaceships.

The Fall and Winter have long been my favorite seasons since I was a kid.  It marks the beginning of the holiday season where you can start looking forward to extended family visits with excessive amounts of food and late in the month of December just as Winter takes a firm hold – presents.  CCP is giving us an early gift this year in the form of Clone States that has me feeling like a kid again waiting for Christmas.

I am excited at the prospect of seeing the Launcher Log In Screen boast a number of more than 30,000 players.  I am jealous of the awe and raw excitement that the brand new Capsuleers will feel as they get to experience New Eden for the very first.  I look forward to the new posts about the anguish they felt when they had their first fight with a pirate in lowsec and lost their ship.  More than that, I look forward to their unbridled determination as they to learn how to fight back and the rush that comes with racking up their first kill.  I look forward to reading and listening to each story from those who care to share them because those stories are what keep all of us coming back again and again.

As I too return from my summer reprieve and settle back in to running The Crew, I have so much that I am looking forward to seeing and doing.  Though we never lose touch and are talking to each other almost daily on #SLACK – nothing beats undocking with The Crew and heading out with no other goal than to misbehave.

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The 57th Joins Circle-Of-Two

The 57th left Cede Nullis after just over seven months of service and has now joined Circle-Of-Two as of 05 JUNE 2016.

Leaving Cede Nullis

The departure from Cede Nullis came at the end of what started out as a mutually agreeable situation with similar goals, interests and beliefs.  However, that turned into a complete lack of respect towards the 57th and CN Leadership losing sight of their original and humble beginnings.  Those of you who know me well know that I believe any pilot, regardless of age or Skill Points, can make a difference to whatever cause they apply themselves.  This ideology, by principal, is extended to small Corporations who join an Alliance.  CN Leadership forgot this and in the end it lead to some conversations with them that I am neither proud of or feel the need to apologize for.

A false sense of loyalty on my part lead to the last two months in CN seeing the lowest participation from The Crew in the short history of the 57th.  Being told time and again “no” to plans for defense; ignoring suggestions for additional fleet doctrine ships to allow lower SP pilots (or those new PvP) to participate in fleet operations; dismissing plans for strategic placements of Citadels or even to something as simple as bubbling inbound gates to our space – after two months finally broke the morale of The Crew.  Fleet participation dropped to being almost non-existent.  Ratting seemed pointless and we found ourselves roaming Fountain looking for other ways to spend our time.  It took far too long for me to realize the loyalty was one sided and was a lesson that was harder learned than what it should have been.

I owe my Crew better than that.

I gave the order to quietly evacuate the 57th’s assets out of L-1SW8 and within a few days we had extracted to a lowsec system and began moving the rest of the way to JITA.  Once our Citadel was brought offline and extracted from H-NPXW I dropped the 57th from CN.


Joining Circle-Of-Two

Prior to joining Cede Nullis an offer had been made to me by The Judge to join CO2 so that we could learn how to live and survive in Sov Null Space.  It was an offer that at the time would have brought us into the Imperium which was something I couldn’t do and respectfully declined.  I have been fortunate enough to keep in touch with The Judge since then.  With their recent departure from the Imperium, I reached out to him and asked if the offer from months ago still stood.  He responded in kind simply saying “Lets get the ball rolling” and within a few days the 57th had a new home.

But we quickly realized we had much more than that.

The welcome my Crew received from CO2 was beyond belief.  We were welcomed on comms with a hearty “Welcome home!” and were immediately treated with respect and with offers of assistance should we require any.  The organization and professionalism with which their Leadership manage the Alliance is astonishing and impressive.  Day one saw the 57th’s participation in Fleet Operations and CTAs.  We even saw put into action first hand the ideas and suggestions we had made for CN which finally affirmed and removed any doubt we had about our strategies and their viability.  The FC even took the time afterwards to join us in our comms channel within the CO2 TS3 server to discuss the culture within the Alliance and how it is all about respect, partnership and striving to be the best.  It was easy to see and understand why so many who welcomed us did so by indicating that we likely have just joined our forever home.


When you can’t run, you crawl, and when you can’t crawl – when you can’t do that anymore . . . you find someone to carry you.

There is a bond I have worked hard to establish within The Crew of the 57th and is one that we are all proud of.  It is what makes us Browncoats.  It is what makes us a Crew and is what kept us together when things got to their worst in recent months.  If it wasn’t for that bond, the 57th would have broken and not be here today.  It was apparent from the first interactions with the members of CO2 that they shared that same brotherhood and were without hesitation extending that to us.  I struggle to put into words the incredible organization that Gigx and his Leadership have put into place and am humbled to be a part of it.

The environment they have created and have allowed us to become a part of has brought back to the 57th a level of excitement and energy which mirrors that of our first experiences within New Eden when we first emerged in our Rookie Ships.  It is a debt of gratitude that I will forever owe to The Judge, Gigx and all of CO2.

~ Mal

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The Great Revolt: New Edens Revolutionary War vs The Imperium

Breaking The Silence

Those of you who have known me since I first began blogging my thoughts and exploits under TAZ at Tales From Taz know that this war against the former Cluster Fuck Coalition now re-branded as The Imperium is one I have advocated for since I first began learning the vast and harsh landscape that is the history of New Eden.  Even then as a new resident here I felt a pang of disdain anytime I read what the Imperium had done in the past and was doing currently.  In reading the stories both online and in print I became fascinated with the history and quite honestly I grew to appreciate and even admire all that The Mittani had accomplished with his ever growing and powerful empire. Many have criticized me for claiming to be against The Imperium due to my respect and admiration for them.  It is for that reason that I have gone silent on the matter until now.


This is the beginning of what I hope will be a series of articles about the war that has begun and the impact it will have on New Eden. I am not a military strategist or a political theorist.  Know here and now what I write for this series after this initial post are my opinions and thoughts alone and are my take and first hand experiences on what has happened, what is happening and what may come because of those events.

Before I continue, let me be abundantly clear on something.  It has always been my belief that unadulterated hate for your enemy causes you to not respect their resolve and blinds you to what they are capable of.  If you want to defeat your enemy, you must first respect them and that which they have done which has given you cause to rise up against them.  For that reason I have been careful to keep my emotions in check and do my best to let logic prevail.  This is something that I think a few individuals need to work on as this war begins to take shape.

A Necessary Evil

With that being said and out of the way lets get to the heart of things.  I believe this war, “The Great Revolt” as I am calling it, is a good and necessary thing.  The reasons why I believe this are many that go deeply into the history of New Eden and the culture that has grown from it.  I will not go into those just yet, but to put it simply the war creates content for everyone.

Many times we focus on what a war destroys, but wars also create as well.  They create content for the PvP pilots who long for a reason to fight other than just another kill-mark on their hulls.  They create jobs for the Industry corporations who will build the ships and munitions we use to fight our conflicts in.  They create a demand for minerals and ore for the Mining corporations, Planetary Interaction materials and a desperate need for Logistics pilots who can quickly and safely carry them to their intended destination so that they can be put to good use. All of these things create jobs and revenue for those who work them.

This war – regardless of the outcome – is good for New Eden.

A Cautionary Tale:  The Teachings Of Shan Yu

There is a lesson in Firefly that I want to bring to mind here.  Shan Yu was the Sun Tzu of the Firefly universe.  Shan Yu was quoted as saying:

Live with a man 40 years.  Share his house, his meals.  Speak on every subject.  Then tie him up, and hold him over the volcano’s edge.  And on that day, you will finally meet the man.  – Shan Yu

This war that is just beginning is the attempt of many citizens of New Eden to right a wrong they feel has been allowed to go unchecked for far too long.  It is in their minds a just and righteous endeavor for those brave enough to take up arms against the Imperium.  But in doing so I want to caution that we are in essence tying up The Mittani and holding him over the volcano’s edge.  Who will be the man we eventually meet in doing so?  And what of those who choose to follow him?  We are by default doing the same to those people as well.  If we have learned anything from history it is that people who are force to defend themselves and their home often times become very dangerous and difficult to break.

Being on the perceived right side of a conflict does not mean that it carries with it an innate guarantee of success.

We must always remember that men who achieve power and are able to sustain their grasp on it for as long as The Mittani has are not fools to be taken with disregard.  All of us who embark on this journey should from time to time reflect on not only why we are doing so but to also consider those whom we face and the strength of their resolve to protect what they hold dear.  Successes and losses should be weighed and measured constantly with a clear and open mind.  Otherwise we leave ourselves open to becoming that which we are trying to abolish.

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Being The Underdog

Being the underdog is easy in New Eden, especially if you have been playing less than two years.  But being the underdog does not mean you are ineffective, unable to affect change within the game, it’s politics or even achieve a lofty goal that you have set for yourself.  In fact, because you are the underdog any achievement you have be it great or small will be amplified exponentially because of the odds being stacked against you.  Succeed?  You weren’t even expected to survive!  As CEO of the 57th Overlanders Brigade I know a thing or two about being the underdog.  In fact, it is even stitched into the lining of our standard issue Browncoats that we are known throughout the ‘Verse for.

ZKB_Mal_Underdog_04 SEPT 2015Taking a quick peek at my zKillboard you will notice right away that I am still under 50% efficiency when it comes to PvP.  Though I’m not too far off at roughly 44%, it still tells you that the odds are in your favor when fighting me and that you are more likely to get a kill than I am.  But do me a favor really quick and go take a peek at my very first fight.  I took out a Coercer in a T1 fit Tristan with Hobgoblin II’s being the best thing fitted – solo.

We all have had those fights that we should have won (or lost, as the case may be) and are left with no explanation as to why it went the way it did.  Maybe your enemy got lazy after seeing your red killboard and low skill points and didn’t turn on their repper.  Maybe it’s because you want it just that much more than your enemy that the fates granted you the kill.  You can analyze it from now until eternity looking for answers in the science of it all, but I think it’s much, much simpler than all of that.

There is an intangible bonus to being the underdog.

Recent events in New Eden over the course of the past 24 hours have given me cause to pause and think on this subject quite a bit.  You see, I had forgotten that I am and likely will forever be the underdog.  Successes over the past week have lead me to believe I was greater than I am.  They gave me a false sense of security and I allowed the idea to overtake my mind that maybe after all this time the balance of control had shifted to my favor and that I was now fully in the Captain’s seat and master of my own destiny.  The assault on J2 yesterday and the events that immediately followed left me questioning myself more than I had answers for.  It forced me to take a good long look at what the reality is as opposed to what I thought it was just a few short hours ago.  And the reality is there in red and green for all to see.

I am 43.9% effective.

I had allowed myself to lose sight of the fact that I was the underdog in that first fight all those months ago and I continue to be to this day.  I’m actually okay with that and am grateful for the events that unfolded to bring me back to that realization.  Why?  Because I see it as an advantage.  It reminds me to never underestimate my enemy regardless of their age, skill points or ship they are flying against me.  It reminds me that in the face of overwhelming odds you can do great and amazing things if you commit yourself fully to whatever it is you dare to achieve and simply go forth and try.

The key is to allow yourself permission to fail – and give it hell and try anyway!

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