Mal Misbehaves in ONNAMON

36389_Enyo_Intaki_SyndicateI have been roaming LowSec space and the lower edges of HighSec looking for DED sites to run for the past two days in a PvE fit ENYO. I had been having zero luck until I reached ONNAMON where I scanned down a 3/10 Guristas Guerilla Grounds site. I landed on the first gate and set my D-SCAN to 1AU and saw a Stratios on scan. I warped into the first room just in time to see him take gate 2. I burned to gate 2 and warped to the Second Room. The gate was ~40km away so I burned to it, and orbited at 500m while watching him kill the rats. He never even approached the gate and stayed 40km off. Once the last rat died, I warped to the third room. I again burned to the acceleration gate that was ~40km off and set my orbit to 500m.

Surely he won’t let me do this a second time and it will be a race to the Dread Guristas Irregular frigate for the loot……

stratiosI watched in amazement as he entered the third room and proceeded to kill off the rats. One by one I watched the overview as the rats disappeared……5 rats……..4 rats…….3 rats………..2 rats………….1 rat…………..Gorram it he did it again!

I warped into the last room with him still +20km from the gate. I quickly found the Dread Guristas Irregular and burned towards him – he was 48km off the warpin. By the time I reached him, the Stratios was in the room. By the time he was within 25km, the rat died . . . I looted the wreck . . . . and warped to my safe.

The conversation below soon followed in local.

[ 2017.07.03 16:16:50 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Onnamon
[ 2017.07.03 16:42:05 ] Darahk J’olonar > fcking noob
[ 2017.07.03 16:43:29 ] Darahk J’olonar > definetly going to be wardecing your azz
[ 2017.07.03 16:45:09 ] Diequietly STFU > i love reading highsec local tears
[ 2017.07.03 16:45:34 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > how can he wardec from the scope? lol
[ 2017.07.03 16:46:37 ] Diequietly STFU > looking at his board he would probably stay docked for his own war any ways.
[ 2017.07.03 16:47:15 ] Darahk J’olonar > lmao i just got back to the game and i have other 30m+ sp characters I use this one for hs exploration
[ 2017.07.03 16:47:47 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > mmmkay
[ 2017.07.03 16:51:16 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > I’m honestly quite shocked he let me steal that site. I mean, I loitered on 2 gates while he killed the rats so I could warp to the next room.
[ 2017.07.03 16:51:32 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > TWICE he did that. all while +40km from gate? in a Stratios?
[ 2017.07.03 16:53:37 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > Darahk J’olonar thanks for the loot….GL w/ that wardec situation.

I am glad that Darahk has come back to New Eden.  Not because I stole his loot for a quick payday.  I’m glad Darahk is back because the more people there are in space, the more stories we have to tell.  Good or bad – doesn’t matter.

I have plenty of my own stories like this where I was on the other side of it.  Just yesterday in fact when a pilot in a Gila took my Serpentis Vigil site from me.

[ 2017.07.02 18:19:06 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > hey
[ 2017.07.02 18:19:08 ] Brandon SlaneyTV > u doing combat sites ?
[ 2017.07.02 18:19:11 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > yes
[ 2017.07.02 18:19:28 ] Brandon SlaneyTV > how ya doing
[ 2017.07.02 18:19:34 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > fine…..
[ 2017.07.02 18:20:18 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > I’m guessin gyou are taking htis from me since I can’t take a Gila…right?
[ 2017.07.02 18:21:28 ] Brandon SlaneyTV > depends
[ 2017.07.02 18:21:39 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > on?
[ 2017.07.02 18:21:45 ] Brandon SlaneyTV > if u give it to me
[ 2017.07.02 18:22:17 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > I want it, but not going to lose my ship over it.
[ 2017.07.02 18:22:59 ] Capt Malcolm Reynoldz > so go on, take it.

In my mind I choose believe that Vigilant BPC did drop for Brandon SlaneyTV.  Though, from a quick look at his zKillboard and all the Gila’s he has lost lately . . . I think he probably needed that drop more than me.  But more than just that – it makes my story a little bit better.

The stories and player interaction is what keeps me going in New Eden.  The stories and interactions we have are unique and will never take place again.  In a vast world of MMO’s – that is something rare, special and to be appreciated beyond anything else the gaming world has to offer.  We have a choice as to how and where we spend our time.  For those of us who call ourselves “Capluseer” we know all too well that  The Butterfly Effect is real.

But only for those who dare to be bold.

Fly Dangerous, Capsuleers!

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